Practicing Golf in Cedar Park, Texas: What to Know About Inclement Weather

Golfers in Cedar Park, Texas have access to some of the best practice facilities in the state. At Austin Country Club, golfers can take advantage of a driving range with 20 hitting areas, a chipped green, a putting green with 18 holes and a lighted field for night time use. However, inclement weather can sometimes put a damper on their plans. To ensure that golfers can still practice their swings even when the weather isn't cooperating, it's important to know what to expect when it comes to inclement weather conditions at the driving range.

If the temperature or wind chill drops to 38 degrees or lower, the practice field will be closed. Additionally, the shooting range may be closed during other inclement weather or rain. To find out if classes and leagues have been cancelled due to inclement weather or if the facility is closed, call 940-349-8545 for more information. Fortunately, there are other options available for golfers who want to practice their swings during inclement weather conditions in Cedar Park.

The Williamson County Disc Golf Course is located within the Southwest Williamson County Regional Park and is open year round. This 9-hole public disc golf course features rolling hills and mature trees and is a popular spot among local disc golf enthusiasts. Another great option for golfers looking to practice during inclement weather is Wildflower Disc Microgolf Course located at 2608 Corabella Pl in Cedar Park. This small golf course can only be played with putters and is open year round as well.

No matter what type of inclement weather conditions arise in Cedar Park, Texas, golfers can still find ways to practice their swings and improve their game. From disc golf courses to microgolf courses, there are plenty of options available for those who want to stay active even when the weather isn't cooperating.

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